About ComfortCare Homes®

About ComfortCare Homes®

It began with a dream…an option for future long term care for those living with the effects of Alzheimer’s. When my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s I looked into alternative living arrangements in Illinois, to no avail. The need for such type of care became evident to me and when I learned of Doug Stark’s ComfortCare Homes® I wanted to provide the same alternative my mother never had to people facing Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia in the Newton, Kansas area.

– Robert Patton, Owner/Licensee

Pioneering the ComfortCare Homes Model


ComfortCare Homes® is a family endeavor. It was originally founded by Charles and Mary Lou Stark in 1992.  When both of Charles’ parents presented simultaneously with dementia in the early 1980’s, the family began to search for other care alternatives.  The only option available at that time was nursing home care, in a large clinical setting that would only serve to amplify their parents’ confusion and anxiety.  The Stark family chose instead to care for their loved ones in their own home as long as they could – a choice many families have to make.

Once the decade long journey was concluded, the family was determined to create a more loving and dignified care option, so other families would not have to choose between a large impersonal institution and making extraordinary and often unrealistic personal sacrifices to care for their loved ones at home.  In 1993, ComfortCare Homes was born.  Today, ComfortCare Homes of Harvey County and the Newton Home join the 8 Homes owned and operated in Wichita, Kansas.  Plus there are additional licensees throughout Kansas, including Newton, Baldwin City, Ottawa and Pittsburg; as well as, Omaha, Nebraska.